Across the Pond // Dublin Day 1


It’s only 9pm but my body has had about 6 hours of sleep over the past 48 hours and with a five hour time difference, jet lag is a real struggle and I’m desperately trying to keep myself awake for at least another half hour. But it’s worth all the exhaustion because after three flights, four airports, one bus, and plenty of walking we finally made it to Dublin!!

Not gonna lie, it felt pretty great to successfully figure out which bus we needed to take us into the city and after getting off at our stop and wandering around for a few minutes (a little unsure of how exactly to find our hostel) we turned a corner and there it was.

It pretty much drizzled/rained all day long and it was surprisingly cold, we walked around in jeans and rain jackets and still shivered when the wind picked up (what a funny difference from the shorts and t-shirt I was sweating in just two days ago back home).

Even though everything around us screams Ireland (from the absolutely amazing accents everyone has to every corner pub with an adorably Irish name) we all have agreed that we still don’t feel like we’re really in Ireland. I suppose it’s probably because I think of stunning county scenery with miles of rock walls and sheep farms and castle ruins when I think of Ireland and Dublin is a city, a very vibrant, beautiful, and Irish city, but a city nonetheless. I think our slightly hazed, very sleep-deprived brains are having a hard time understanding that we flew across the freakin’ Atlantic ocean and are finally in Europe.

I didn’t take too many pictures today because of the rain and also because I was just too tired to think straight. We didn’t have any concrete plans so we just ended up wandering around the main parts of Dublin enjoying the sights and walking into any of the shops that seemed interesting.


The picture on the right is our hostel 🙂


Tomorrow after a full night of sleep we will (hopefully) be a bit more rested and we have tickets for a pretty awesome bus tour taking us through some of that postcard gorgeous scenery just south of Dublin so I think it’ll finally hit us that we’re in Ireland.

I probably would not have had the energy to even edit and post these pictures except for that fact that I was determined to keep myself awake past 9:30pm and I was  desperate for something to distract me. Haha, now it’s almost 10 and this post is done and I’m going to head to bed and fall into blissful sleep. 🙂


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