Caitlin & Lucas || Southern MD Spring Wedding


In almost a decade of shooting weddings, I have never experienced such a crazy variety in weather on one wedding day as we did last weekend. In the course of nine hours, we had wind, rain, sleet, snow, hail, a thunderstorm, partially cloudy skies, full cloudy skies, and then a beautiful sunset with rich pink and orange hues to cap it all off. Talk about a whirlwind! Thankfully, Caitlin and Lucas are both such joyful and easy-going people and it all worked out beautifully!

But let me back up to the beginning of the day. We started off in a cute little hotel, first with the ladies up on the top floor and then switching to join the men a floor below. Both Caitlin & Lucas are surrounded by the best of friends who are all so supportive and encouraging to this couple and also just plain fun to be around!

Once we arrived at the church, Caitlin had the sweetest first look with her dad and two brothers and then Caitlin and Lucas chose to pray a rosary together back to back in a private side room right. Then it was time to get these two married! Their nuptial Mass took place in St. John’s Parish Hollywood, MD which is where Caitlin’s parents were married and it is also where Caitlin received all her Sacraments growing up which is so special!

Once we left the church, the weather began to get interesting. A short and intense downpour greeted us while we drove but miraculously disappeared as we arrived at the venue. This gave us the perfect amount of time to get through just about all the wedding party photos. However, just as we were beginning the last part (individual portraits of Caitlin and each of her bridesmaids), the sky dramatically darkened, thunder began rumbling around us and we could tell we had just a couple of minutes to rush back inside before the skies opened up again. What we didn’t know was that this second storm would bring not just rain, but also sleet, hail, and snow. In between strong gusts of wind, we managed to take the rest of the bridesmaids’ photos on a covered porch. Talk about being good sports and super flexible!

But at this point, we had to make a decision about the timeline for the reception and when to try and get portraits of Caitlin and Lucas. The radar seemed to promise clear skies and sun around the sunset time, and so we made the risky but necessary decision to push the reception start time up and wait to do portraits of Caitlin and Lucas until closer to the sunset. I’ve never started a reception with zero bride and groom portraits before but our risk paid off because we were gifted with a gorgeous sunset and ample time later in the evening for all of Caitlin and Lucas’ portraits.

The night ended with an epic bubble exit (pro tip from Caitlin & Lucas: get a few bubble guns to intersperse throughout the guests if you are planning a bubble exit – it makes for so many bubbles!)

Caitlin & Lucas, you two are such a fun and wonderful couple and it was a JOY to work with you both. I am so happy and grateful God has brought you two together!

Mary Kate


A huge thank you to all the other vendors who came together to make this day possible!

CHURCH // St. John’s Parish Hollywood, MD

RECEPTION VENUE // The Belmont Farm


PLANNER // Cana Wedding Planning

FLORIST // David’s Flowers

DJ // Jay Szewczyk; Dance Party DJ’s

CATERING // Rita B’s Catering

DRESS // Solutions Bridal 

MUA // Meghan Neville



GROOMSMEN // The Black Tux

WEDDING CAKE // Charles Street Bakery & Cafe

DECOR & LINENS // Something Special by Tracy


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