Joni & Noah || Sunrise Forest Engagement Session


You guys. This engagement session was absolutely amazing. Seriously. First of all, we had the most dreamy sunrise golden hour light. Listen, I’m a huge fan of sunset golden hour, however, there is something different and more ethereal about the sunrise golden hour. It’s usually less intense, more gentle, and honestly just so dang romantic. For Joni & Noah’s sunrise session, we actually woke up to a frost-covered world which simply amplified the ethereal look as the morning light danced and shimmered on the frosty blades of grass.

Secondly, Joni & Noah chose the best locations for their session. They love hiking and taking walks together and wanted their engagement session to reflect that. They actually just set me coordinates on google maps for the first spot we shot at because it was a small nature trail they had recently come across. This little half-mile trail goes up through the woods and opens up into a beautiful field area with a wooden pavilion and small pond. It was the perfect spot to go to at sunrise as the sun was just coming up over the hills and making all the fall colors extra golden. Their second location was Crouse Run Nature Reserve which Joni wanted to use because she loved the dramatic stone ravine and creak that runs through it. I loved the outfits they changed into for this second spot and they are seriously giving me Gilbert and Anne vibes from Anne of Green Gables!

Joni & Noah have a beautiful love story with God’s gentle hand so clearly guiding them to this point in their lives and their great joy at following God’s timing and discerning His will for their lives is so evident throughout these photos. These two are also 100% themselves with each other which made documenting their loving relationship SO easy.

Their wedding is just a few short months away and I can’t wait to celebrate with them!


Mary Kate

  1. Madeleine N Doyle says:

    These are some of the most gorgeous engagements photos I’ve seen. Big fan.

  2. Patricia Juliana says:

    Wow Mary Kate I have always felt the emotional bond but these photos jump off the page. The outfits and backgrounds are gorgeous. Keep up the great work! Pat

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