The Great Christmas Tree Hunt

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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration with your loved ones. We always wait until Christmas Eve to decorate our house for Christmas which means that we always wait until the last possible day to go to the Christmas Tree farm and bring home our Christmas Tree. This year was no different and on December 23rd, we set off for our favorite farm and went on the annual hunt for THE perfect tree.


Lucy is now 3 1/2 and her little personality is definitely coming out in full color. She created a “cute face” which she regularly performs for us, this “cute face” is what she’s showing me in the right picture below: b2b3ry3a4316ry3a4330

Ah, the Joey saga. Joseph is now almost seven, and such a sweet, sweet kid. However, he is also very sensitive, stubborn, and prone to loud wailing sessions. This happy photo of him was taken when he believed he had found THE perfect tree. Dad had agreed that it could be the perfect tree, but that we were going to look a bit more before deciding. Joey decided to stay by his tree and not move because he was utterly convinced it was the tree for us.


However, a little further on we found another tree which all of the rest of us agreed was the tree we wanted. We called and called for Joey to come join us and he refused, so finally I had to go find him and I found him clinging to his tree, sobbing and refusing to move because he wouldn’t leave his tree behind. In the end, I had to pick him up and carry up to the rest of the family where he promptly sank to the ground and watched our dad cut the tree down all the while sobbing because his tree had not been chosen.



The tree hunting crew:



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