Two days in Cascais Portugal

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After walking 500 miles across Northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago last summer, my brother and I ended our trip in Portugal. We spent our very last week in Lisbon and while there we took a few day trips to Sintra and we took two separate day trips to the coastal town of Cascais. Cascais is just a short half-hour train ride from Lisbon and it is absolutely beautiful. It used to be an elite resort town for the wealthy and it still has a bit of a royal and elitist air in the architecture with stunning 19th centurary mansions and villas filling the town, although it is now a popular coastal town for locals and tourists alike. The water is the most amazing color and the main beach in town seemed to be a very popular spot. On our first day we walked through the town, got iced coffee at a little cafe on the beach and then made our way along the coastline heading to The Boca do Inferno Cliffs, a famous cliff formation that sits just outside of town.

On our second day, we rented bikes and biked about 6 miles along the coast to reach the open beaches that directly face the Atlantic Ocean. We had the best intentions of having a picnic lunch out on the beach and spending a good bit of time reading on the sand, but it ended up being so incredibly windy that we were simply pelted with painful little pieces of sand the whole time and so we didn’t stay very long. But it was still a beautiful bike ride right along the coast with STUNNING views and totally worth it. Since we knew we weren’t going to make it down to the Algarve on this trip, we soaked in all the Portuguese seaside time we could get. Enjoy a little peek at this beautiful coastal paradise!

The Boca do Inferno Cliffs!

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