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I am SO excited to share this post with you because this is the first year that I’ve had enough behind the scenes (BTS) photos to make a separate blog post for them! This year I made a concentrated effort to have more BTS photos and video clips taken to share on my Instagram story and thus be able to give you all a glimpse into what really goes on as a wedding photographer on a wedding day.

So here you go, take a peek into what it looks BTS when I am creating all the wedding photography magic! I hope you find this post as entertaining (but not quite as embarrassing) as I do!

I LOVE getting my creative juices flowing right at the start of the wedding day by arranging the details!
If we were giving out awards, this photo might have to get: Most Hilarious BTS Photo of the Year.
Can you even find me in the first two pictures above??? Hahaha.
If you look closely enough you might be able to see the rings hiding in the bouquet.
I bought a stool this year for weddings to compensate for my 5’2″ hight and it was a game-changer!
I’m not entirely sure what I was so excited about in the left photo above, but clearly whatever I’m looking at was VERY thrilling. Haha.
Playing double duty as a bridesmaid and photographer at my cousin’s wedding was definitely a highlight!
Yes, it is normal for me to ditch my shoes during the getting ready portion of the day.
A fun BTS of the classic swooping veil shot!
More dress fluffing….a wedding photographer’s alternative job description truly could be “professional dress fluffer”.
More dress fluffing and bouquet holding.
Did I mention our other job description could be “professional veil fixer?”
I NEVER take bathroom mirror selfies…except apparently on wedding days. Haha.
Just casually holding gorgeous flowers, an extra lens, and my two cameras. A typical day on the job.
Hahaha, I have NO idea why I am running after Emma & Ronnie after their reception entrance.
Sometimes people get a little lost on wedding days and phone call GPS directions are given.
What am I doing with my hands???
Shout out to Susan for capturing the crazy side of my normally quieter personality.
I loved working with my talented cousin and his videography team at multiple weddings and I’m looking forward to working with him more in 2020!

I’m so grateful for an amazing year and I’m looking forward to everything 2020 will bring!

Mary Kate

  1. Nathan says:

    Oh wow! It’s so neat to see this side of things! 😀

  2. Cathy Schultz says:

    I love seeing these, Mary Kate. Not only are you talented but you are so beautiful and photogenic!

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