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Happy New Year my friends!! Goodness, 2023 was such a beautiful year! 2023 was also a super exciting year for my business because it marked my 10th anniversary as a wedding photographer! (That is so crazy to me – how am I old enough to have been doing this for a decade??)

This post was SO hard to make because it was impossible to narrow down my top favorite images from all the gorgeous 2023 weddings I was honored to photograph! However, I finally got it narrowed down (and yes, this monstrously long post is a very narrowed-down selection haha). This was a slightly smaller year than normal for me because I took a two-month break right in the middle of wedding season from mid-July to mid-September to go walk the Camino de Santiago for the second time (and I hopefully will start sharing more about that within the next few months!). But despite this break, I still had 23 couples who brought me to 13 different states all over the US from Florida to Wyoming, to North Carolina, to Connecticut, and of course, many states closer to my home state of Ohio!

It truly was such a joy to work with all these incredible people and I am so excited for what the 2024 wedding season will hold (starting up next week!!)

Enjoy scrolling through this collection of my favorite images from this past year’s weddings. 🙂


Mary Kate

  1. Kathryn says:

    Absolutely stunning! I love every single one!

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