Joni & Noah || Winter Wedding at Old St. Patrick’s Pittsburgh


My first wedding of 2024 could not have been more beautiful! You might remember Joni & Noah from their swoon-worthy engagement session a few months ago. We had such a good time during their engagement session and I’ve been looking forward to their day ever since.

These two have one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve had the privilege of documenting. Their story goes back quite a few years and is filled with twists and turns that only God could have scripted. Noah is a talented musician and wrote the song they danced to for their first dance (technically it was two different songs he’s written about Joni and their love story that he combined for their first dance so the songs could tell their full story). If I had to pick one word to describe their wedding I would have to say it was a day full of “rejoicing”. This day was a glorious answer to so many prayers and such a testament to God’s goodness. Fittingly, they had Isaiah 62:5 on their invitation “As a bridegroom rejoices in his bride so shall your God rejoice in you.” That verse pretty much sums up these two and their love story and wedding day.

Another part of their wedding that I have to highlight is their church, Old St. Patrick’s in downtown Pittsburgh. I knew about this church but had never actually been inside before their wedding. This tiny church is very unique as it has an exact replica of the Holy Stairs in Rome that go right up the middle of the church. The church is on the second floor with the Holy Stairs coming out right in front of the Sanctuary. This means there is no middle aisle and some things were slightly different as a result.

(If you are unsure what the Holy Stairs are, “according to ancient Christian tradition, Saint Helena (†335), the mother of Constantine, had the stairs transported from Pontius Pilate’s palace in Jerusalem to Rome. It is believed that Jesus climbed these stairs several times the day he was sentenced to death, thus, they are known as the “Scala Pilati” or “Scala Sancta” (the Holy Stairs or Pilate’s Stairs).” Read More You can only go up the stairs on your knees and I had the immense privilege of climbing the Holy Stairs when I was in Rome this past summer. As these stairs in Old St. Patrick’s are a replica, they are treated with the same reverence and can also only be climbed on your knees. (But don’t worry, there are two side staircases you can walk up normally to access the church). But let me tell you, it was incredibly powerful to stand at the bottom of the Holy Stairs and look up and see Joni & Noah at the top with the stunning golden crucifix between them. Talk about the most perfect visual of the climb up Mt. Zion and the Wedding Feast of the Lamb!

Alright, I’ve taken enough of your time reading this novel! Enjoy scrolling through the highlights of this stunning winter wedding!


Mary Kate


A huge thank you to all the other vendors who came together to make this day possible!

CHURCH  // Old St. Patrick’s Church, Pittsburgh

VENUE  // Epiphany Church Hall of Divine Mercy Parish

FLOWERS // Bridal bouquet and boutonniere arranged by groom’s sister Rachel

CATERER // Bella Notte Restaurant in the Strip District

DRESS // Bridal Maven in Dormont Designer: Tara Lauren


MARRIAGE PREP // Cor Ministries


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