DOZ Reunion


Last weekend I drove out to Franciscan University for my household’s very first reunion. For those of you who are unfamiliar with FUS households, let me explain real quick. My alma mater, Franciscan University, has households instead of fraternities or sororities. While similar in some regards to Greek Life, they are very different and unique. Each household has a covenant, certain charisms unique to it, patron saints, and weekly prayer commitments (both individual and community). I joined my household, Daughters of Zion in 2015 during the fall semester of my sophomore year. Being a part of such an amazing sisterhood for most of my college years was one of the biggest blessings and joys I received while at Franciscan. (If you’re curious to learn more about Daughters of Zion (DOZ), check out this description on FUS’s website.)

Daughters of Zion is a newer household and we celebrated five years this year which meant we had our very first reunion and it was so much fun to be reunited with the current sisters as well as so many graduated sisters. I brought my camera and took a few pictures throughout the weekend! Several of my past wedding couples were here and it was fun to see them again.

Me and my “little” Lilly:

One of the current intents created this amazing lineage tree showing all the bigs/littles going back to the original five sisters.

Samantha & Stephen were one of my 2017 couples! (You might remember their gorgeous summer country club wedding). They now have an absolutely adorable little baby boy and it was so fun to catch up with them and to meet their precious baby.

Another one of my couples from this past October, Kaitlyn & James! James is my cousin so having him marry one of my household sisters is just all kinds of amazing fun!

“Would you like to hold the baby in your pictures”

“Um yes please, give him here!”

In the picture on the left below, is Toni & Adam, yet another one of my sweet couples! They will be welcoming baby Sylvain in June and I’m so excited for them!!

“We have come to Mount Zion
The city of the Living God
The Heavenly Jerusalem
By His blood we have come
We have come to Mount Zion”

Mary Kate



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